Therapeutic Skating

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The Skating Club of Boston®
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Therapeutic Skating is a unique program providing children and adults with disabilities access to the sport of figure skating by offering them an opportunity to participate in a specialized skating experience.

The Skating Club of Boston believes everyone should have the opportunity to ice skate and is committed to providing positive and supportive programming for all to participate, learn from, and enjoy.

Ice skating improves balance, circulation, coordination, and strength. Therapeutic Skating instructors guide skaters in an adaptive and supporting environment. Individuals progress and explore the sport of figure skating at their own rate, building confidence in pursuit of a new lifelong activity.

2018-2019 Program Schedule

Term First Class Last Class No Class # Classes Price Registration Opens
Therapeutic Skating: Saturdays 11:30am-12:10pm (Ages 4-Adult: All Levels)
Fall Sep 29, 2018 Nov 3, 2018 10/13 5 $110 Aug 6, 2018
Winter 1 Nov 10, 2018 Dec 15, 2018 11/24 5 $110 Oct 3, 2018
Winter 2 Jan 5, 2019 Mar 2, 2019 2/2, 2/23 7 $154 Dec 5, 2018
Spring Mar 9, 2019 May 18, 2019 3/30, 4/13, 4/20 8 $176 Feb 6, 2019
Skating instructor and student

Skating Sessions

Therapeutic Skating is offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions for a various number of weeks. The program director, instructors, volunteer coordinator, and volunteers, work closely with each skater and family to tailor their individual instructional needs.

Typically, skaters begin their lessons with 40-minute one-on-one lessons. As the session progresses, they are re-evaluated to determine if they are ready to transition into small groups of one instructor and a maximum of 3 students.

For many skaters, there have been amazing transformations week to week, and session to session. Not only have they gained skating skills, they have also developed and progressed socially, improving in basic social skills and building self-confidence.


The program director, Michael Phaneuf, personally contacts each new skater’s family to make a placement determination. Once a skater is ready to sign up, the registration process will be completed by the program director.

Space is limited and enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.

For more information on the program and to register, please contact Michael Phaneuf at

Program Director

Michael Phaneuf

Michael Phaneuf has been the Program Director for Therapeutic Skating since 2014. He is a graduate of Babson College and has his master’s in Middle School Math Education and Special Education from the University of Massachusetts. He is currently a Special Education and English language teacher in Boston Public Schools.

In addition to his work with Therapeutic Skating, Michael has served on the creative team for Ice Chips, Frog Pond Skating Spectacular, and An Evening with Champions. He is the Assistant Program Coach for Theatre on Ice of Boston.

As a former ice dance competitor and Eastern Sectional Championship medalist, Michael coaches private lessons in all disciplines in addition to being a group instructor for Skating Academy. He is a member of the Professional Skaters Association and has his Registered Ratings in Group Instruction and Ice Dance.

Coaches & Instructors

Therapeutic Skating instructors are current competitive skaters with regional and national competitive skating experience, highly qualified Basic Skills coaches, and active adult skaters from The Skating Club of Boston.


Many family members enjoy seeing their skater develop and progress in the sport of figure skating and have also come to enjoy the company of others in the program. They have served as wonderful resources and support for each other.

Instructor and skating student

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