If you don’t find the answer to your question, please call 617-787-5283 or email info@skatingacademy.org.

What is 'Basic Skills'?

Basic Skills is a fun, goal-oriented program for beginners, children (age 4+) through adult. Skaters will receive specialized instruction, following the U.S. Figure Skating curriculum. The session includes both instruction and practice time. 

What is 'Bridge'?

Bridge is a fast paced, accelerated program, focusing on proper stretching techniques, warm up and cool down, stroking, edges and power skating, introductory moves in the field, introductory ice dance, beginner synchronized team, spins, jumps, and Artistry in Motion (beginning choreography and style). Students are evaluated and tested based on U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills curriculum. Skaters must have passed Basic 4 to register for this program.

How do I register?

The Skating Academy offers safe and secure online registration. Once you know the location, level and class schedule right for you, registration is just a click away. Register online today.  

What level should I enroll in?

Skaters should register for the last level they completed. If you need assistance determining your skater’s level, call 617-787-5283.

Are lessons for adults offered?

Many of the classes are open to children and adults. If a class is limited to children only, it will be noted on the schedule.

What should I wear?

Layers! The rink can be cold. Make sure your skater has enough layers on to keep warm. Waterproof snow-pants and gloves or mittens are recommended.

Are helmets required?

Helmets are strongly recommended. Skateboarding or ski style helmets provide coverage to the top and back of a skater’s head for optimal protection. 

Are rental skates available?

Skate rentals are available at some Campuses and are managed by that independent facility. Please contact the facility directly for prices, availability and sizing information.

Where can I buy skates?

Any sporting goods store that carries skates. For those wishing to buy skates, figure skates are strongly recommended for beginner skaters, as they provide a much better blade to begin learning with. “Double-runner” skates (2 blades on each skate) are prohibited. Skaters can choose to wear hockey skates.