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Learn To Skate USA


Skating Academy now follows the curriculum of Learn To Skate USA. While there are minor changes to on-ice instruction, the commitment to quality coaching remains.

Providing a fun and safe skating experience for all skaters, beginner to advanced, with programming endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey, Skating Academy teaches correct skating technique while promoting physical fitness.

Students can choose to skate recreationally or advance to the competitive worlds of figure skating and hockey.


Snowplow Sam

This is where it all begins! New skaters as young as 4 years old begin their lessons off the ice learning how to tie their skates, falling down, standing up, and marching in place. They then move onto the ice to put their new skills into practice.

Snowplow Sam 4 – new for 2016-2017!

Class overview & badges.

Basic Skills

Fun, goal-oriented program for beginners, children (age 4+) through adult. Skaters will receive Basic Skills instruction, following U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey curriculum. Sessions offered: Basic Skills 1-6 and Adult 1-6.

Basic Skills 7-8 have been combined into Pre-Free Skate.

Learn more about the Basic Skills program.

Free Skate

Taking Basic Skills to the next level! Free Skate increases skaters’ skills and ability, introducing more advanced edges, jumps and spins. Sessions offered: Pre-Free Skate, and Free Skate 1-6.

Find out more about the Free Skate curriculum.


Fast paced, accelerated program, focusing on proper stretching techniques, warm up and cool down both on and off the ice, stroking, edges and power skating, introductory moves in the field, spins, jumps, and Artistry in Motion (beginning choreography and style).

Students are evaluated and tested based on Learn To Skate USA’s Basic Skills curriculum. Skaters must have passed at least Basic 4 and up to Preliminary free skate to register for this program.


Designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey style skating to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques are the primary focus. This program is offered at select Campuses. Please contact the Skating Academy office for more information by calling 617-787-5283.

Hockey program curriculum & badges