Providing a fun and safe skating experience for all skaters!

Learn To Skate USA

Skating Academy follows the Learn to Skate USA program which combines the curriculum of U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, US Speedskating and Special Olympics to offer ice skating lessons for everyone — beginners to spinners, children to adults, and figure skaters to hockey players.

Lessons focus on building skating techniques and skills for recreational skaters and those looking to advance into competitive skating.

Programs Offered

Snowplow Sam
This is where it all begins! Beginner skaters age 4+ will first learn to sit, stand, march, and glide, finishing with the skills to skate forward, glide backwards, turn, and hop.

Basic Skills
Building on the skills learned in Snowplow Sam, skaters will learn to stroke, dip, turn, slalom, pivot, crossover, hockey stop, t-stop, and spin.

Take the jump from Basic Skills by adding edgework, advanced spins, jumps, combinations, and creative step sequences.

Learn the fundamentals of skating technique including falling and recovery, stances, strides, crossovers, power turns, fast stops and starts.

Every Skating Academy skater will be registered with Learn to Skate USA and receive:

  • Learn to Skate USA membership
  • Record book with stickers to track progress
  • Sport accident insurance
  • General information about ice skating
  • Subscription to Learn to Skate USA Magazine
  • Resources for skaters and parents on the Learn to Skate USA website