So, your skater is progressing along nicely and would like to take their Basic Skills learning to the next level… but what now?

Skating 101 (PDF) A breakdown of The Skating Academy, The Skating Club of Boston and U.S. Figure Skating and each of their offerings for your skater.

What’s Next? (PDF) – A look at the options available to skaters advancing through The Skating Academy’s Basic Skills program.

What kind of skater do you have? Is he or she happier in a group setting or on his or her own?

If your skater likes the group class setting, but would like more specialized attention with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, we recommend the Bridge Program offered at the Boston, Foxboro, and Marlborough Campuses.

If your skater would enjoy a team setting, The Skating Club of Boston’s Theatre On Ice or Synchronized Skating programs might be a good fit.

If your skater is happier with one-on-one attention, then we suggest contacting one of our coaches independently of The Skating Academy to set up private lessons in addition to his or her weekly group lesson.