Becky StumpFrog Pond & Boston Monday Campus Manager

Becky Stump is the Campus Manager for both the Frog Pond and Boston Monday campuses. She has been the Campus Manager for the Frog Pond campus since Skating Academy first opened and has been a skating coach for over thirty years. She skated competitively for six years where she competed in the New England Regional Championships. Her skating levels include Pre-Silver Pattern test and fifth figure.

Becky coaches free skate, moves in the field, dance, synchronized skating and Theater On Ice. She has a PSA Master rating in moves in the field, group and synchronized skating. She is PSA Certified in Rating Figure and Free Skate. Her coaching achievements include Theater On Ice Preliminary National Champions, Theater On Ice Senior National Silver medalists and Synchronized Team National Silver and Bronze medalists.

As a Campus Manager, Becky’s goal is to help others experience the joy of ice skating while learning solid basic fundamentals in a fun, safe and healthy atmosphere.

Becky is available for private coaching.

Becky can be reached at either or for specific campus inquiries.