Skating Academy team at Frog Pond


Theresa DegiacomoTheresa DeGiacomo
Academy Director

Theresa joined The Skating Club of Boston® in February of 2014 and has quickly became an integral part of the management team. Theresa is currently the Operations Director for the Skating Academy, and is responsible for all day-to-day business operations. She can be reached at or by calling 617-787-5283.


Linda BlountLinda Blount
Assistant Operations Manager
Special Events Coordinator
Boston Weekend Campus Manager

Linda’s love for skating began when she was nine years old while skating on the outdoor rink her father made for her and her friends in their backyard.

After joining The Skating Club of Rhode Island, Linda started private lessons where she loved to jump, skate fast and compete. She competed in regionals for seven years, qualified for sectionals twice and competed in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. She is a gold medalist in free skating, moves in the field and figures.

Linda has coached skaters from beginner thru Gold/Senior free skating, Figures and moves in the field. Linda has also been a primary coach to regional, sectional, U.S. championship and international competitors.

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Karen Bressler
Foxboro Campus Manager

Prior to joining Skating Academy, Karen Bressler managed the learn to skate program for the Foxboro Sports Center, creating a Bridge Program…
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Lisa Coppola

Lisa Coppola
Beverly Campus Manager

Prior to becoming the Beverly Campus Manager, Lisa was a coach with The Skating Club of Boston Skating Academy for eight years. As a skater, she skated…
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Mandy Curtin, Summer Camp Director

Mandy Curtin
Summer Camp Director

Mandy Curtin is the Director of Foxboro Programs for The Skating Club of Boston and is also the Director of Skater Development for Team Excel…
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Keri Lee-Clancykeri.leeclancy@gmail.com781-608-7022

Keri Lee-Clancy
Outreach Coordinator
Dedham Campus Manager

Keri Lee-Clancy graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in dance. Coming from…
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Michael Phaneuf

Michael Phaneuf
West Roxbury Campus Manager
Brookline Campus Manager
Therapeutic Skating Program

Michael returned to coaching in 2013 with The Skating Club of Boston Skating Academy. He has coached both at Skating Academy’s Frog Pond and…
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Becky Stump

Becky Stump
Frog Pond Campus Manager

Becky Stump is the Campus Manager for both the Frog Pond and Boston Monday campuses. She has been the Campus Manager for the Frog Pond campus…
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Kim Wheelandkswheeland@comcast.net617-293-5495

Kim Wheeland
Somerville Campus Manager

Kim Wheeland has been a figure skating coach for over 30 years. She began working with Skating Academy first as an instructor and now serves…
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