Karen BresslerFoxboro Campus Manager

Prior to joining Skating Academy, Karen Bressler managed the learn to skate program for the Foxboro Sports Center, creating a Bridge Program for figure skaters and Crossover Academy for hockey skaters.  Since 2011, she has been Skating Academy’s Campus Manager in Foxboro overseeing Basic Skills and Bridge programming.

Karen skated competitively for ten years and was a U.S. Figure Skating Triple Gold Medalist for Senior Figure and Free Skate as well as Adult Dance. She was a competitor and medalist for North Atlantic’s Regional Championship for Juvenile, Intermediate and Novice. She was a featured guest skater at Kutschers and Grossinger’s Resort Ice Shows and a featured soloist in the annual Newbridge Road Park FSC ice shows.

With 36 years experience as a figure skating coach, Karen’s concentrations are in Basic Skills, free skate, moves in the field, and adult free skate. Karen is a U.S. Figure Skating member, PSA rated professional (Certified figure and free, Registered moves in the field). She is CER Category A, holds the Safe Sport Training Certification and is a Learn To Skate USA Certified Instructor.

Karen enjoys preparing students for both tests and competitions from Basic Skills through senior level. Her goal as a Campus Manager is to provide quality instruction in a structured yet fun learning environment. She loves to see skaters “catch the skating bug” and watch them grow from Basic Skills, to Bridge and eventually skating on the Club ice free skate sessions.

Karen is available for private coaching.

Karen can be reached at foxboro@skatingacademy.org