Registration is open for fall ice skating!
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The Skating Club of Boston Skating Academy is New England’s premier ice skating school, offering top-quality instruction and small group ice skating lessons for children and adults using the Learn to Skate USA curriculum endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey.


What do I wear?

Layers! Make sure your skater has enough layers on to keep warm inside the rink. Waterproof snow-pants and gloves or mittens are strongly recommended. Please, no knee pads, they are slippery and make standing up very difficult!

Are rental skates available?

Skate rentals are available at some Campuses and are managed by each independent facility. Please contact the facility directly for prices, availability and sizing information.

Where can I buy skates?

Any sporting goods store that carries ice skates. Figure skates are strongly recommended for beginner skaters, as they provide a much better blade to begin learning with. “Double-runner” skates (2 blades on each skate) are prohibited. Skaters can choose to wear hockey skates, but the shorter blade can be difficult for beginners.

Visit HomeIce at the Boston Campus for all the skate-specific answers you need!

How do I tie skates?

Skates need to be tight at the instep and the tightest at the ankle. The foot and ankle should not be able to easily slide around. Feel free to approach a Skating Academy coach or Teaching Assistant for skate tying assistance!

How often should skates be sharpened?

Skates should be sharpened after about 15-20 hours of ice time.

Are helmets required or available to rent?

Helmets are strongly recommended. Skateboarding or ski style helmets provide coverage to the top and back of a skater’s head for optimal protection. Helmets are not available to rent.

How do I register?

The Skating Academy offers safe and secure online registration. Simply choose the location, level and class schedule that’s right for you and registration is just a click away. Register online today.

Are make-ups or switches allowed?

There is no pro-rating, make-ups for missed classes or class switches for any reason.

Can I join a class after the session has begun?

If a session has begun, you can call The Skating Academy office to inquire about availability. 617-787-5283
Please be aware we do not pro-rate.

What level should I enroll in?

Skaters should register for the last level they completed. If you need assistance determining your skater’s level, call 617-787-5283

What to expect on my first day?

Arrive early! Check in at the 'Welcome Table' to pick up a name tag and see where your skaters class is located on the arena map.

For first time skaters, coaches and teaching assistants will meet skaters at the entrance to the ice. Skaters will get on the ice, review precautions and practice sitting down and standing up. Beginner lessons are always in the first 25 minutes followed by 25 minutes of individual practice where they can skate around and have fun with their newly learned skills. Teaching assistants will monitor the practice area and are available to assist your child during this practice time. Higher level skaters may receive their lesson in either the first 25 minutes of class or in the second 25 minutes of class depending on enrollment.

What is Snowplow Sam?

SnowPlow Sam is the (Basic Skills) beginner level for preschool aged skaters. This class primarily focuses on the coordination of sitting down & standing up, balance, and breaking a fall. It may take skaters a few classes before they can stand up unassisted or even take steps. It’s like learning to walk for the first time!

What is Basic Skills?

Basic Skills is a fun and goal-oriented program for beginner skaters,ages 4 through adult, focusing on the fundamentals of skating. Skaters receive specialized group instruction, following the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey. Generally, the session includes both 25 minutes of group instruction and 25 minutes of individual practice time.

What is Hockey Skills?

Hockey Skills are group classes focusing on the proper technique for hockey skating. No pads or sticks are needed for the skills lessons. More advanced hockey skaters can wear pads and jerseys to get used to skating while wearing bulky equipment.

What is Bridge?

Bridge is an accelerated group class for skaters age 6 years or older, offering an introduction to figure skating. During Bridge class, skaters focus on proper stretching techniques, warm-up and cool down, stroking, edges and power skating, introductory moves in the field, spins, and jumps. Students are evaluated and tested based on Learn To Skate USA curriculum. Skaters must have passed Basic 4 to register for this program.

How long does it take to pass the levels?

Each level is built off the fundamentals learned in previous levels and each skater progresses at their own pace. It normally takes one to three sessions to pass a level. Coaches often determine that skaters should repeat certain levels for reinforcement before moving on to the next. Practice makes perfect!

Are lessons for adults offered?

Many of the campuses offer adult group instruction. If a class is limited to children only, it will be noted on the campus schedule.